After the successs of the exhibition A Brush with Grandeur, a meeting was held at the National Portrait Gallery in November 2004. Twelve of the most senior experts in their fields discussed the potential for a printed publication of the Catalogue Raisonné. The conclusion reached was that the financial implications were overwhelming and it would take too long to deliver so much material, even in several volumes over the years.

The Archive Trust decided to use the latest technology to present the Catalogue Raisonné online. It is a work in progress with our editors contributing research on an on-going basis and updating the material as more information about de László's oeuvre is discovered. The first selection of picture descriptions was released on 22 November 2007, to mark the 70th anniversary of de László’s death and the 100th Anniversary of his first exhibition in England at the Fine Art Society, London. In 2014 we engaged Keepthinking, who have helped us transfer our database and website to their new and much improved designs. There are now 2,000 entries published of some 4,000 recorded. 


Firstly to thank all the owners of de László paintings and drawings and especially the long-suffering members of the de Laszlo family, without whose incredible co-operation this catalogue raisonné would be impossible to achieve.

Our Trustees: Howard Mighell, Lucy de Laszlo and Dr Martin Postle

Our Vice-Patrons: Paul Moorhouse, Andrew Wilton and Richard Ormond for their continuing support and guidance.

Art Uk (formerly the Public Catalogue Foundation), who have given us use of their professional photographs.

The Witt Library at the Courtauld Institute for their continuing work on the De László Collection of Laib plate glass negatives.

To the following individuals who have contributed greatly with historical, genealogical and academic advice:

Christopher Wentworth-Stanley, Vienna; Dr Gabriel Badea-Päun, Paris; Timothy F. Boettger, USA; Pip Dodd, National Army Museum, London; Revd. E. W. Hanson, Boston; Dr Giancarlo Fochesato, Italy; Dr Gergely Pál Sallay in Budapest; Jasmina Jakšić, Serbia; M. Christophe Vachaudez in Brussels and Wendy & Gordon Hawksley in the UK. 

In 2010 Adela Mackinlay de Casal, then President of Sotheby’s Argentina, and her team provided generous support for our academic research and facilitated contact with several owners in and around Buenos Aires.