In 1926 de László painted the portrait of George Eastman (Memorial Art Gallery of the University of Rochester, USA) and was given by the sitter one of the first motion picture cameras, the Ciné-Kodak model B, introduced in 1925. From then until de László’s death in 1937, the artist, his sons and his studio assistant, Frederick Harwood, filmed an unique record of his life and work on 16mm film, which was sent to America to be developed, the process being unknown in England at the time. 

About twenty hours of film have survived. It was first restored and put onto VHS tape the artist’s grandson, Martin de Laszlo. He spent many hours with his uncle Paul and father John recording their commentaries. The VHS versions have since been digitised and two DVDs have been created, produced by Tim Gates & Georgie Grandy:

Philip de László, Life, Work and Travels was shown at the National Portrait Gallery to accompany the display of de László’s work in 2010. It captures the people and places the artist visited as well as many scenes showing him working in his studio and en plein air. The locations include Versailles, Budapest, Egypt, Oxford, Scotland and his home at 3 Fitzjohn’s Avenue, London. Important patrons include  Lord Devonport and the duc de Gramont. The film also contains unique footage of the notorious novelist Elinor Glyn. Important footage of de László painting a model from the fashion house “Lucile” and the bronze horses of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice is included. The diversity of the artist’s sitters is highlighted; British and European royalty, Italian peasants, Spanish dancers, and Bisharin warriors in Egypt. Illustrated with still images of de László’s portraits and landscapes. 50 minutes duration, black and white, with commentary by two of the artist’s sons.

Philip de László, Family, Patrons and Friends, the second DVD, gives an intimate view of the artist and his family's private life amongst their friends, many of whom were de László’s patrons. The film offers a window on life in the artist’s circle, their past-times, fashions and modes of travel before the Second World War, a lifestyle that was to be erased in the next decade. The locations move between Spain, Berkshire, Cowes, Switzerland, Scotland, Budapest, St. Moritz, London and the English countryside. Selected sequences show more than a decade of hectic activity in de László’s family and working life, days spent at Oxford and Cambridge universities, picnicking and punting on the river; outings to Ascot and the Hendon Air Show and unique aerial views taken over Paris and New York City. This DVD is illustrated with a number of still images of de László’s portraits, his family, and landscapes of some of the locations in the film. 62 minutes duration, black and white, with commentary by two of the artist’s sons.

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